Jeff Nisen on Music Friday this week.

lose_control_album_cover_300.jpgLose Control just wrapped up a 40 day tour (whew!) and co-founder Jeff Nisen will join us this Friday at 2:05 pm ET. He co-founded the band down the road from me in Hermosa Beach with A.J. Bartholomew in 2011, but this is not beach music! Nisen and Bartholomew began playing music together in middle school, and while Nisen went on to form the band Sand Section and Bartholomew formed Allura, they reunited in 2010 after really, really honing their heavy metal skills. Nisen and Bartholomew teamed up with drummer/producer Mike Sutherland and began work on their self titled debut, Lose Control EP, which was released in June of 2012. They enlisted Bret Bollinger from Pepper and Andre Davis from Tomorrow's Bad Seeds to share time on the bass guitar in the studio and ultimately birthed a completely new heavy metal sound. The bass has since been taken over by Mitch Davis who is also a key songwriter and vocalist for the group. In the Fall of 2013 Patrick Salmon, formerly of Tomorrows Bad Seeds, became the band's full-time drummer. 

This past  April  they released their first studio LP, Let If Be Known, to overwhelmingly positive reviews. The album drives home their signature "dual lead" guitar sound, strong vocal melodies and a heavy metal backbone. They have toured with Unwritten Law, Shiny Toy Guns, and Authority Zero, as well as played  LA's KROQ Radio Microbrew Festivals. I am so looking forward to talking with Jess this Friday.  A 40-day tour must have generated lots of stories!

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