Jenny Ball - twice this week. Bliss

jenny_along_trumpet_up300_sq.jpgJenny Ball of Jenny and the Mexicats is our guest live this Friday and I just got done interviewing her on the radio.  How's that you say?  How could I interview her before she is interviewed?  Easy, she was on my other show, MusicaFusionLA - the bilingual English-Spanish show I co-host on Wednesday afternoons ( 1 pm  And that is fortunate because we had an hour to talk with her and learned a whole bunch that will guide the conversation this Friday - such as she moved to Spain and started a band with a Spaniard and two Mexicans without speaking a word of Spanish, and the police tried to stop a fan from singing her lyrics at a how, so they invited him on stage to sing with her.  We will talk about those things and more and play songs from her crackerjack new album Mare Abierto.



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