Jessica Domingo moves from YouTube fame to the music biz

jessica_300sq_music-singel-cover.jpgJessica Domingo is a phenomenon by any standard.  At 17 she has dominated YouTube music videos with 2 million views, released two EP’s and done radio and TV shows - a tiptoe into the biz while still a high school socphmore.  This week she takes that fame with her and steps full on into the music biz with the release of her second full length album.  My prediction is that the online audience will be right there with her – buying the album, buying the tickets and demanding more. That is not a hard prediction to make, given her history, determination and talent.

 Domingo grew up listening to music – all different kinds.. From exploring her mom’s old collection of albums, to listening to her dad’s favorite radio stations and being inspired by a variety of genres, she started to discover her own taste in music. She began piano lessons at age 5 and took up guitar at age 12 and she also began performing in public. One of her fondest memories is performing at a café as part of a vocal workshop she belonged to. “That’s when I discovered my voice,” she explains. “It was fun being onstage, but also nerve wracking at first. I was still learning what I was doing, but then grew to love performing.” When you see her, it shows.

 Domingo received a significant career assist when she met Seattle-based producer Don Quijano, who was by her side at every performance,  taught her guitar, guided her through the music industry and helped her onstage and in the studio. The pair’s collaboration resulted in the Take A Chance EP. She then spent two years recording the next CD, Just Vibe – produced by Dylan Fant of Seattle’s One Shot Studio – to get it just right. The results are impressive, both for the range of her writing and the emotional resonance of her performances. The album’s 11 tracks have a natural, largely acoustic warmth and intimacy far beyond her scant years.

 The experience of recording Just Vibe helped her reach a new level of motivation about her work. “It was the first song I recorded for the album,” she recalls. “It was late at night when I wrote it; I came into the booth and just played my ukulele, and I had no idea what to expect. Then a week later, I came back in and re-listened to the final song ‘Knocks Me Off My Feet,’ and I instantly had a flow of ideas for what I wanted for my album – it had come alive in the recording. Somehow she balance school, life performances, YouTube tapings and the studio to finish it the way she wanted

 She also entered competitions such as Asian American Singing Idol, the Seattle Filipino community’s Pista Singing Idol, and the Filipino-Canadian PNT TV5 Singing Idol, where she placed in the top three in each contest. In August 2014, Jessica completed a solo tour of the West Coast. All six shows were played to a packed house. In addition to the tour, Jessica was invited to the YouTube Space Headquarters to film, a rare opportunity offered only to the YouTubers who have over 10,000 subscribers. Jessica got qualified and accepted by Vevo to have her own channel now.

Jessica’s EP, Masterpiece,  was produced with multi-platinum Grammy award-winning producer Mikal Blue at Revolver Recordings in Los Angeles. Each song will be released each month of the last quarter of the year, including the release of her original Christmas song, “I Can’t Wait For Christmas.” No rest for the young and weary, she is writing and recording more music and self-producing her own music videos. And talking to us about the future on Music FridayLive!





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