Jill Jack returns to Music FridayLive! on her latest tour


We are so excited here at Music FridayLive!.  Not only is Jill jack coming back for a concert in LA – and we get to go_ but she has squeezed out time to talk with us. For those of you who heard her interview in May, you what a kick she is – you never know what she will say.  Which is why she has such a magical connection to her audience.  There is no fourth wall on her stage.  We are all right there with her.

 In her hometown of Detroit, she’s won 37 Detroit Music Awards  t in every conceivable category for a singer-songwriter. Part of that is her way of connecting to people, especially in live performances, but also in her recorded music that chronicles her defeats, victories, hopes dashed, dreams fulfilled, her muse, her loneliness, her misplaced love and her romantic successes.

 But it is her completely genuine and really fun live performances. When I saw her in May in an intimate club in Hollywood, she gave us all of her self – smiles, jokes, conversations, and especially music - her energetic blend of folk and rock with a bit of country and lot of, well – Jill.  When she is not writing and singing songs, she is helping people directly, raising money and personally visiting people in Haiti still suffering from the aftermath of an earthquake.

 She will be in much larger venue on December 14, Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles, loved by musicians for is acoustics, lack of acoustic distractions like a bar ( it is in another part of the building) and a big dance floor. The crowd will be rowdy and mostly dancing, so it will be Jill at her best – getting people on their feet and having fun.



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