Jill Jack rocks country like no one else, and she's from Detroit!

JillJack300sqjpg.jpgI first saw Jill Jack at a club in Hollywood.  I was there for another band, but came in early to see what the crowd was about.  What a treat! Jill Jack has a lock on high energy, woman-centered heart aching country rock.  She is amazing, awsome, fabulous and any adjectives you can come up with for a talent that puts on a show that blows the stage away with musical fireworks.  And she is beautiful, has the stage presence of major star and is a nice person.

She and her band have opened for some of the greats of country-- Bob Seger, John Waite, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Dan Fogelberg, Marshall Crenshaw, Chris Issak, and Loretta Lynn. She has played to sell out crowds at SXSW , Ann Arbor Folk Festival, 30A Songwriters Festival, WYCD Downtown Hoedown, Blissfest Music Festival, The Bluebird Café, The Living Room in NYC, and The Ark.She has had successful tours of England and the American Southeast, been a finalist in the Susanne Millsaps Performing Songwriter Showcase, and was chosen as an Americana semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for Fallen (A Love Song).

Jill Jack’s magical connection to her audience is both an art and a science.She combines her conceptual vision with multiple musical influences that enable her to touch people personally with her melodies and lyrics. In her hometown of Detroit, Jill is a fixture.  Since 1997 she’s won 37 Detroit Music Awards in every conceivable category that applies to a singer-songwriter. Much of this  success is due to her major star stage presence and skilled songwriting. She connects, and I felt it that night in Hollywood and had to have her on the show. Like any good songwriter she mines her life for material, and there is a lot of it. Her songs are full of her own defeats, victories, hopes dashed, dreams fulfilled, her muse, her loneliness, her misplaced love and her romantic successes. And I felt every one of them as she sang.

You get all of Jill Jack in a performance --  folk and rock, country,  humor, a superb band.  She’s a strong woman who’s won over one of America's toughest towns in a man’s world.  She won over the crowd in the night I saw her in Hollywood, and I am betting she will win over radio, TV and audience across the country. I am so happy to have her on the show.





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