Jim Pugh on funding great music

jimpugh300.jpgJim Pugh is a rare individual in the music world.  A very, very accomplished artist with a gold record, a platinum record a Grammy, Jim has played with some of the most famous in the business - Eta James, Robert Cray,  Boz Scaggs, Tommy Castro and other blues luminaries.  But then he decided that it was his obligation as a successful artist, to help other artists - especially musicians who you may never hear about or even have an opportunity to listen to, but who music is wonderful.  He founded the Little Village Foundation to underwrite recordings and promotion for artists from Mexican field workers with guitars and fiddles to blues singers.

His own musical career started in San Francisco at the corner of Laguna in the Stardust Lounge where the owner/singer, Dottie, sang with a pool cue in her hand, just in case.  Jim says his music was not quite blues, not quite jazz but it was wonderful and it started a career that lasted for 40 years onstage and in the studio and now helps others sing their passion.

Jim joins us this Friday and he is bringing music from of the artists the foundation is currently supporting.  We will talk about the role of music in social change, the place of music in our society and the world, and listen to great, great music.  This Friday.

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