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joanna_sings_rteside300_sq.pngI am fascinated by Joanna Borromeo, and alt. blues R&B singer songwriter from Canada.  The very fact that she calls herself "alt blues R&B" is interesting - I have not encountered another "alt" in the blues, R&B genre.  She found Music Friday through our website after a recommendation from a friend who had been on the show.  The more I looked up and listened to her music, the more fascinated I got.  Visually, she is ambiguous:  in some photos she very Asian, in others, Native American, in others African- American and in others, white.  That may be in the eye of the beholder, but the intersection of cultures, either in ethnicity or geography almost always leads to great creativity.  And it has in Borromeo.

 For starters she is a superb R&B and blues singer-songwriter who fuses jazz, gospel, hip hop, pop and R&B and a bit of rock and pop - an ever so small bit. She plays keyboard and fronts a kickass band, but she can hold her own solo with a crystal smooth voice and lively songwriting.  On tour right now, she will be playing dates in California as well as Canada and I am taking a night and doing some driving to see her live next week

Her first EP, Kaleidoscope, was nominated for a Juno Award (Canadian equivalent to the Grammys) as the best R&B recording in Canada. She didn't get the statue, but just being in the mix tells you how good she is.  Even better, he is comfortable in a jazz club, a hip hop scene, rock venue or a medley music showcase, so she has lots of ways to move her career.  I am looking forward to talking with her on air this Friday.  Joins us.




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