John The Gun: aggressive beat, nuanced lyrics.

JTG_blue_head_at_mic._300sq.jpgOur mission here is to promote emerging bands of all genres.  I ran across a New Jersey band recently that has its act together and is definitely ready to put it on the road.  John The Gun (yes, we will about that name) is only 3 years old and has been through the usual birthing crises of a new band...but has finally settled on the three people who make it work.

John the Gun was formed in Nutley NJ in 2013. With a permanent lineup now comprised of long-time friends John Cusumano (guitar/vocals), Corrado Rizzi (drums), and Dan Jernick (bass, backup vocals), the group grew in fits and starts throughout their first year together.

Then, after some tweaks to their lineup and multiple name changes, the band had a bit of a rebirth when they began writing their first record as three-piece in 2014.  Tread Eternal was released on July 31 of 2015, and encapsulates everything that is JtG.The final trio produces highly sophisticated music - sort of musicians music, but they do it powerfully and with a very commercial kick to it. The band also has a broad range and a deep bench.  they can sound like a 5 or six piece band and they have e a wide range of songs in their book.  This is not a band that gets up and plays the 3 songs it has rehearsed.  So it is the perfect combination: musicians with chops and solid knowledge of what they are doing, plus well thought thru lyrics.

Having opened for acts such as Alien Ant Farm at Webster Hall and headlining Maxwell’s in Hoboken, the three young musicians are steadily making a name for themselves in the local scene. JtG is a juggernaut of pop and prog. Their live shows are famous in the region and we will be playing cuts from their album.  I think we will be seeing them on the road soon.

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