Juliette Ashby, UK R&B powerhouse 7/25/14


I have been talking with Juliette Ashby's people for two months, trying to find a date for her on Music FridayLive!. When you hear her, you will know why.  This lady rocks! She is known as a neo-soul, R&B singer-songwriter, but she is so much more. With a voice that defies comparison, lyrics that hit hard, and a range that stretches from reggae to blues to soul and R&B, she is simply in a universe by herself, and it is full of super novas and stars and an occasional black hole that sucks everything, including me, into her music!

 Juliette wrote her first song when she was 7 years old, in the car while on holiday in Greece. It was a country song called “Place In My Heart”. She met her best friend Amy Winehouse at nursery when they were 4 years old and by the time they were 10 they were writing and performing songs, dances and raps. They recorded 3 original songs together; “Spindarella”, “Glam Chicks” and “Boys …Who Needs Them”. Juliette now resides in London  but is relocating to Los Angeles to continue to record and write music .  Her latest album is Bittersweet.

The first single  from the album  “Over & Over”  produced by So So Def’s Mike Kalombo is now on UK radio at  BBC 1xtra, VH1 and Mi-Soul.  She is rumored to be relocating to Los Angeles - I will ask her about that - and I expect that her songs will be spinning on stations from coast to coast here.  This is going to be fun!

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