Junk Parlor here for Valentine's Day. I get to see an old friend and you get great music.

sleeping_laddy_smal300x300l.jpgRt. Goodrich, the drummer for Junk Parlor is a friend of mine.  Well, mostly, his wife Jessica is an old friend of mine.  She and her mom ran the tack and feed store in Northern California where my wife and I hung out. When she married Rt. he was in a another band and we saw them at the Viper Room in Hollywood and really liked him and his music.  Since then, he has joined Junk Parlor, a Northern California-based gypsy junk rock band born from the mind and musical wanderings of Jason Vanderford.  Junk Parlor plays rock, gypsy jazz rhythms and a 50's tinge supporting Vanderford’s throaty howling voice. Backed by  the electric fretless bass of Tim Bush, and of course, Rt. Goodrich,  Junk Parlor’s debut album "Wild Tones" was released October 2013.  They recently completed a Pacific Northwest tour and are now touring in Southern California. Jason and Rt.join us at 2:05 pm ET.  I will be at their show at the Witzend Live! in Venice Friday night and their show Sunday night at the Trip in Santa Monica.

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