Justin Dzuban's "Shakedown" is addictive

justin300.jpgI listen to the music of people I interview for several days before I talk to them.  It is part of my research, along with perusing their Facebook pages, twitter feed, Instagram accounts and reading reviews and interviews with them.  This is one reason why many artists say things to me like "how did you know that?", and "talking with you is so much fun".  Case in point, Jill Jack enjoyed being on the show last week she sent me a full color book with copies of her song lyrics - the original notebook pages and napkins and paper scraps with cross outs and erasures and music notations.

This week  - and for a couple of weeks actually - I have been listening to a preview of  the new album, Shakedown, by this week's guest, Justin Dzuban.  His agent, Sera Roadnight, President of MT Press, sent it to me to familiarize myself with his sound. There was no problem listening, and listening, and listening.  Justin's has a deep, country western voice, but his music is more Leornard Cohen meets Chris Issak at Bruce Springsteen's house.  You just want to put it on repeat and let it go.  And I did.  Whenever I was in the office or the studio assembling the show, Justin was on in the background and I was humming it quietly to myself.  Can't wait to talk with him this week.

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