Kalsey Kulyk joins us Friday with "Rewind"

kalseywith_guitar_300_sq.jpgOnce in a while I like to take a chance.  A friend of mine recommended that I listen to Kalsey Kulyk's cover of "Wild Horses" by the Stones and I did and said to myself, this lady has something special. So I researched her and learned that she Canadian, has worked with top producers, released a hit album in 2009 and now has a new single out, and is moving up the charts.  What most impressed me is that she battled - and defeated - cancer at the age of 17, when most people don't have the strength to take on that kind of challenge.  I thought of my friend Alex Nester,w who fought the same battle around that age and went on to ay before thousands next to stars like Carlos Santana. So I decided, lightning can strike again and I want to be there when it does.  And so will you, when you tune in this Friday to hear the haunting voice of Kalsey Kulyk and call in a talk with her on the show.


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