Kill My Coquette founder and frontwoman Natalie Denise Sperl joins us

KMC_bw_onstage300sq.jpgIt is not unusual for film and television stars to try to make the move from the screen to the rock stage, but not many actually do it well.  And very few women do it from  film to punk - Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth comes to mind, and of course Carrie Brownstein goes back and forth and is back again with a reunited Sleater Kinney band,. But beyond that the list thins out.  Natalie Denise Sperl significantly lengthens that list. She has made the transition and made it well and we are all the better for it. Her band Kill My Coquette is tight, focused, addictive.  Her songs have wide appeal and are getting radio play. Buzz Artist named  "Post Teenage Angst" from the EP Kill My Coquette one of the top 10 best songs of 2014. Her liver performances demonstrate the kind of self-confidence and comfort in your own skin - essentially the self-confidence of King Kong -  that is the hallmark of punk. Her journey from screen to rock stage  is also an extension of the trip that Kathleen Hanna and Joan Jett launched us all on  at the beginning of punk. And Natalie  is just starting - who knows how far she will go.

It all started with a Social Distortion concert she attended in her early acting days.  As an actress her job was to connect with people;  she was blown away and inspired by how Social Distortion's frontman Mike Ness connected with the audience.  She was so inspired she bought herself a guitar and amp and learned to play watching YouTube. When she was ready to go musically public and form a band, she recruited Dave Stucken on lead guitar, Mike Evans on bass and Kelly Hagerman on drums. She wrote and arranged their self-titled debut EP, which was recorded at at Evelyn Martin Recordings in Los Angeles with Danny McGough (Tom Waits, Social Distortion, Shivaree) producing.

Even though the EP is a hugely impressive (and popular) first effort, you can  tell that the band is getting tighter, more focused and more creative every day. Kill My Coquette's live shows stand out from the punk and alt rock crowd with addictive earworm melodies, excellent guitar craftsmanship on the fly, and intelligent lyrics. And with Sperl's  authoritative take  charge style that drives the music and envelopes the audience. Everyone here is looking forward to more music and to Natalie's interview this Friday.















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