Kris Angelis entertains us in Hollywood

kris_at_mic_lights_.300sq.jpgKris Angelis pulls off both great singing and great entertainment.  Standing onstage at the bordello-like listening room at Bar Lubitsch with her band and Mallory Trunnell from Crimson Calamity providing backup vocals, she sang like her namesake angle and cracked up with stories and conversation.  

She gave us seven tight songs, some from her first album, The Left Atrium,  and some from her new EP, Heartbreak is Contagious. Angelis is a high energy, hardworking super talented phenomenon and it showed in her stage presence and her connection with the audience. Her very first album won the LA Music Critics Best Female Album Award of 2013 – no mean feat.  She also acts in film and TV, raises money to rescue child soldiers, brings music to underserved communities, and performs in venues  on both coasts. She has toured with Songs & Whispers, opened for Tyler Hilton, played at the prestigious New Orleans House of Blues, made the finals in the Belk Southern Musician competition,  played at Sundance, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and many other festivals and tours around the world.   

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