Laura Evans new home, new songs, new EP 7/25/14

laurajevansmic3_reddish.jpgLaura Evans found me through the Music Friday website and I am so glad.  Listening to her acoustic soul sound is such a treat - it's such pure music.  I am also so happy that she relocated from the UK to my town, Los Angeles, where I and music fans all over can see her live and listen to that beautiful, haunting voice.

Laura Evans is originally from the Valleys of South Wales, UK, home to many musical legends such as Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey. After 5 successful years on a BBC TV sitcom Laura decided to pack up and move to the music capital of the world to pursue her biggest passion - music. And you can hear the passion - her songwriting, her lyrics, her performances are nothing if not passionate. She recently wrote and recorded a 7 track EP live at the 'House Of Rock' Studios Santa Monica, entitled Remember When and released this past April.  When  you listen to it - we will play cuts this Friday - you will know why this little woman with a huge voice and overflowing talent has been likened to artists such as 'Duffy'  'Lucie Silvas' and a country and western version of 'Mariah Carey'

Laura says her biggest musical influences are country and soul, and she packs both into every song - a net trick. But that is what she sets out to do: " hopefully if every heartfelt love song that I write, has a perfect mixture of both, then it works for me " she says,  and it sure works for us.

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