Lee Presson and the Nails; chaos and music makes great fun

less_presson_logo300sq.jpgHow do you describe Lee Presson?  A band leader?  Yes.  A musician?  Yes.  A ringmaster?  Yes.  A wild man?  Absolutely!  Lee Presson and his band Lee Presson and The Nails is the wildest and most fun thing you can do with music.  He evokes Cab Callaway  and the Roaring 20's but  with a 21st Century flavor.  His band - which varies in size from large to really big and usually contains dancers in costumes as outrageous  as the stage clothes Lee wears, is firmly rooted in the very lose soil of swing bands - or is it the other way around?

In any case, an evening with Less Presson  will leave your cheeks sore from laughing, your hands sore from clapping and other parts of you sore from dancing. He recently played  aboard the QEII in Long Beach at the Steam Punk Conference and Music Festival, and he fit right in.  And he will fit right into this Friday's Music Friday.



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