Troy Doherty shifts from TV to music and I like it.

The shift from music to the screen is becoming easier all the time.  Making videos has been part of the music process since MTV launched the music video in 1981. TV talent shows like The Voice have proliferated and made being on TV a prize for bands and artists, although TV was making stars back in the 60's with the Ed Sullivan Show, as when the Beatles made music history on the show in 1964. The point is, musicians often develop camera skills because it is part of the biz.

But the move the other way is not as easy.  Singing on stage requires some acting chops; acting doesn't require singing chops. Being able to carry a tune, follow a tempo or read music is not necessarily part of performing in front of a camera, so when an actor can step off the screen and onto the music stage, I pay attention. A young man who seems to be able to pull it off is television actor Troy Doherty, who has released his EP, Citizens Arrest.

Something of a teen heart throb, Doherty has been co-host of Nickelodeon's Nick Studio 10, and guest star on Criminal Minds, Victorious, New Girl, Mike and Molly, Welcome to the Family, to name a few plus a smattering of films. And it turns out he can sing, keep a beat and write some pretty dam good songs. His fans - who are legion - agreed and oversubscribed a Kick starter campaign to produce the EP.  

Troy’s sound is currently a mix of blues and pop-rock that ranges from love-song gentle to pop-song raw energy.   Troy began learning piano and guitar around the age of 10, experimenting with a variety of musical influences. From Led Zepplin to Journey to pop-rock music  on the radio, he crafted a unique sound and built a music fanbase. He joins us Friday as we talk about the trip to this point and where it goes from here.

you can get his music at, on iTunes, Soundcloud and GooglePlay.








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