Lineup change. Rotten out, Valentini in with a first ever song debut

nick_face._300_sq.jpgJessica Rotter's acting career intervened this Friday.  She has been tapped for a part in the TV series "Transparent" and will be shooting Friday morning instead of talking to us.  Congratulations Jessica!! We will have her back in May where we can debut songs from her forthcoming album and talk about the music aspect of her career, and how she has built a following with her stunningly beautiful voice and songwriting.

Fortunately, Nick Valentini gallantly stepped in and are we happy to have him.  Nick is the recognized genius of rock-fusion-funk-jazz in southern California and although the Nick Valentini Collective has been in operation just over six months they sell out venues and assembly a tour.  But first, they are assembling an album for release late this summer and we have two of the songs to preview for you.  Never before hear on radio...if you ar a jazz fan or a Valentini fan, get ready, this will be your only chance to hear this music and talk to Nick before the release.

And of course, we are debuting songs from Salme's upcoming new album, making Music FridayLive the place where artists come to preview their soon-to-be-released works.

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