Little Brother's Blues Band this Friday

jon_williamns_headshot300.jpgThe objective of this show is to bring very promising and talented emerging artists to my audience to give them a boost and also give my listeners a look into what  it takes to become  a successful  musician - which is a lot  more than  talent.  There are thousands of bands in the country - thousands here in LA alone, where Music FridayLive! is based.  Once in a while,  we talk with established musicians like Marky Ramone three ago, but always our guests are artists who have either made it as a professional musician or are working very hard to get there.  This Friday, we will do something different, we  will talk with a passionate, talented and well-recorded artist who has no thought  of becoming a professional musician, despite  the success of the three bands he has been in and his latest 2-CD release.  He does it because he loves it.  His name is Jon Williams and he plays the blues, big time.

Jon  is an investment adviser by day and a blues guitarist by night. Single,  so family obligations are behind him,  he can practice, gig, record - whatever  when he is not working.  And he does, with a very talented group  of musicians, (one  of whom is a professional) who play at a very high, professional level, whether it is rock and roll or Chicago Blues.

I  got invited to the CD  release party for his new album, Spirits, Sinners, Shrews & Blues, a collection of 18 covers ranging from "Amazing Grace" written by John Newton in `1779 to Jon Zeeman 2013 hit, "Your Right, I'm Wrong".   Each song is  recorded with the precision and passion of  a band that was not watching the clock and wondering if  the label  will be happy.  The result is the kind of old fashioned  rockin' blues that makes your feet bounce and your hands play air guitar no matter where you are.  I hope you enjoy  it as  much as I do.

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