Los Hollywood at Club Los Globos: electrified and electrifying.

lOS_hOLLYWOOD__at_Los_Globos._300sq.jpgI love to drop by Club Los Globos – there is always a hot ALM (American Latin Music) band and a surprise.  The surprise Sunday night – for me at least – was Los Hollywood.  Wow!  I don’t know if this was punk, rock, pop or a mashup of all of the above, but it was bass-led, chica-led electrifying fun.

 Heidy Flores, Gustavo Mojica, Mark “Marcos” Mondragon and Chuy Garcia kept the audience clapping, rocking, smiling and  happy through their entire set.  With songs like “Cucu”, “Te Busco”  and “Hasta Manana” plus a  sampler of new songs, they were a as much fun as Heidy’s flirtatious eyes which fixed on various audience members as she took a rock-solid  wide stance on center stage, leading the band with her bass guitar.

 The set was bi-lingual, as was the audience, and Flores switched back and forth in language as she connected with her Latino and gringo fans, demonstrating a stage presence that was both intimate and commanding. Combining Latin rhythms and British and American pop rock, they  demonstrated why they have blazed a trail unique in the ALM category… their first  single, "No Te Aguites"  was song of the week on iTunes Latino with 60,000 downloads.

 As they cruised through their set with new and old songs, including “Nobody Knows”, “Que Me Lleve el Diablo”,  “ Renacer” and “Te Busco”, I could not help thinking that Flores is a star waiting to happen and the band is a breakthrough on the edge.  The songs are compelling, the music is tight, the band is polished, personable and knows how to connect with an audience while it lays down extraordinary beats. And most of all, each song is a jewel in itself, carefully crafted and then freed to swirls through the crowd like a rainbow colored hurricane.

 Flores herself is the epitome of ALM – born and raised in San Diego with Mexico and California deep in her musical blood, she has teamed up with her songwriting partner from Mexico, Mark Mondragon, to bring to earth her musical vision that blends the ranchero music she listened to as a child with British pop like the Beatles and the voice of her favorite female singer, Canadian Alanis Morissette. The final concoction is electrical and electrifying; there is nothing like it.

 I have already put Los Hollywood songs on my fav playlist, and they keep me moving and thinking throughout my day.  Soon, I expect the entire country will be doing the same.




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