Maggie is determined to be a singing star- and seems to be doing it.

MAGGIE_BLACK_LACE_303.jpgMaggie, who goes only by her first name, has been determined to be a singing star since she was a child.  She ang for family and locala events in grammar school, and at 13 started writing songs.  By that time she had had several years of experience - not something you find in your usual 13 year old.  Maggie spent her middle and high school years  performing whenever possible and attending songwriting seminars. She wrote and recorded her own EP while she played in her school bands. As high school began winding down, and most students begin to feel pressures about what schools to apply to, and what to “be when they grow up”, Maggie was getting ready for the next step in her musical career - Nashville.

Maggie packed  the contents of her life into her car and headed to Nashville, Tennessee, a place she had never been before, and a place she knew little about except that Nashville was where you  learned to write songs professionally and, if things worked out, became a star. It took two years of learning, writing and gigging to be ready to go back home and record her first album, Now Hear Me Out , produced b y Justin Gray Joss,  The single, "Lovesick" hit the charts and heavy rotation and she was chosen by Perez Hilton as his 2012 "Can YOU Sing?" contest winner hailing Maggie as the next big superstar of 2013. 

Now in the musical capital of the world, Los Angeles, Maggie has a fan base of many thousands, Maggie is headed for the top and we are proud to have her on Music FridayLive! this week.

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