Maggie Szabo releases "Forgive and Forget", a stunning new single.#certified hit

Maggie_(2)c.jpgSome time ago I saw Maggie Szabo at an LA music club and was thrilled to hear her signature Tidal Waves and Hurricanes. But then she smiled deviously to the packed house and said she was going to test out a new single on us. That single was Forgive and Forget and I was blown away.  Maggie was reaching for a new level in emotion, musical challenge, and sheer talent.  She has always been very, very good, but Forgive and Forget was a new ball game...I could tell then that if she actually released the song, it would put her on par with the top levels of current female soul-pop singers.  It would be a certifiable hit.

Well, she released it this week, both in the original, which has a word or two I can't say on my radio show, and in a clean version. And my premonition was right;  Forgive and Forget is a certifiable hit that will propel Maggie into the charts and the really big venues. With Forgive and Forget Maggie Szabo has indeed shown us that she is as good as the best of current female soul-pop singers. 

Listen to it at

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