Mallory Trunnel previews new EP

trunnell_happy_polkadot300.jpgMallory knows how to sing a happy pop song...until you listen real close and and realize there is much more there.  She has an extraordinary talent for perfecting pop songs that are full of gloss and hooks and beats but which can be very deep at the same time.  She is a kind of dual-use artist - play her at the party or while you are running, tap your feet, sing along.  Or, you can put on the headphones, listen to the lyrics and wonder what kind of life she has led and what kind you are leading.  Either way it works.  And either way it  Trunnell's talent shines through.

Her new EP, "Words",  will be due out in to our friend Sera Roadnight at Magic Tree Press, we have a preview copy and you will get to hear cuts from it...and talk to the woman herself this Friday.





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