ManMadeTime - don't let the gentle look fool you

MMT.__two_head_shot_300_SQ.jpgI saw MMT in a showcase club in Hollywood a couple of months ago.  They followed a band I had been there to review and I decided to hang around for the second act (or third - I think they were the 9 pm show). They blew me away.  I am used to female/male duos and how they can use the different voice timbres and instrumentalities to weave complex songs, but Hillary Grace and Albert James Babanian, took it to a new level. Their songs are all original and unique, yet they have a commercial feel .  You could hear them on top 40 or in a Hollywood or Vegas club. Their love is 80's and 90's pop rock and it shows, plus something primitive, even as it is sophisticated - we will have to ask them how they pull that one off.

Both Hillary and Albert grew  up in musical families and listened to music constantly while growing up, so they both had ta similar music background and they were both steeped in melodic sounds driven by tribal catchy beats. But they developed their talents and their  styles separately - they did not know one another until hanging out with  mutual friends threw them together at outings and dinners.  They realized they had very smilier musical/life influences and decided to try collaboration. After a few experimental jam session in the parking lot of a coffee shop (that must have been fun!)  the two decided to take their musical endeavor into the studio to see what could/would happen. They liked what they did.  I like what they do. and you will love it.



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