Marky Ramone, drummer, artist and author

Image39.jpgAs the only surviving member of the renowned punk band, the Ramones, Marky Ramone has written what I think is the defining story of the band and an incisive look into the creation and evolution of the Punk music form. His drumming style and his strength within the band helped define punk and propel the punk movement.  As a result, he influenced dozens, if not hundreds of artists, not only in the Punk scene, but in rock and metal.  His precision on the drums  is legendary and something drummers  around the world strive for.  Whether or not you care for Punk - and for many, it is an acquired taste - Marky Ramone and his memoir is the story of the refinement of rock and the people who created it - and are still creating it - along the way.  He saw it all and now he tells it.  And he will tell it on Music Friday Live.

The book is Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As a Ramone.  Buy a copy, read it, mark up things you want to talk about, and then call in this Friday.


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