Mary Scholz comes back to LA and we are so glad

Mary_stading_300.jpgMary Scholz has spent the past seven years touring the country in her Mazda 3 with nothing but a guitar and a tip jar, performing at coffee shops, music venues, & large festivals. She spent these tours promoting her three independently produced and released EPs and Live Album, all released on her own indie record label, Ringlet Records. Mary recently finished recording her forthcoming full-length album, The Girl You Thought You Knew, released February 18th, 2014. The fist single from The Girl You Thought You Knew is entitled “Bridges We Burn.” Originally from  Havertown, PA, Mary is currently based in Los Angeles, where she develops the heartfelt melodies and lyrics that are her trademark. Mary’s voice resonates with a clarity and emotion that engages her listeners from the first note - something I discovered when I saw her live, with her trademark feather earrings in  LA. Singing since the age of four and writing since the age of fourteen, Mary’s music is a blend of lyric folk & pop/rock with a bittersweet twist that puts her in a category of her own.

She says, “I write about things that matter to me – things that are close to my heart. It’s my hope that through music we can connect to one another, to better understand that we are all alike and that no one is alone.”   She connected to me from the stage and I am happy to bring her to the Music FridayLive! audience.  I know she will connect with you when she is here this Friday, 6/27.14

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