Mary Scholz goes back on the road with more great songs

mary_300sq.jpgMary Scholz is coming back on Music FridayLive! this week to launch her summer tour.  If the live performances I have seen are good predictors, it should be a fun sell-out. Her angelic voice ,self-accompanied on guitar and piano, puts her in a class with Carole King, Alison Krauss, Norah Jones, Amy Grant and the Indigo Girls. On the stage, Mary communicates as if she’s sitting having coffee with you – connecting with her audience with an ease that has people feeling as if they’ve known her for years and reminds everyone that there is no separation between us. Just two people sharing stories, and that’s exactly what her songs are: Stories of life, love, loss and hope …done with a voice like spun gold..

Mary has spent the past eight years touring the country in her Mazda 3 with nothing but a guitar and a tip jar, performing at coffee shops, music venues, & large festivals. She spent these tours promoting her three independently produced and released EPs and Live Album, all released on her own indie record label, Ringlet Records. In 2014 Mary released her first full-length album, The Girl You Thought You Knew and came on the show to tell us about it and play cuts. 

 The fist single from TGYTYK was entitled Bridges We Burn, and was nominated for a 2014 Hollywood Music and Media Award. Mary’s The Girl You Thought You Knew Tour kicked-off in the spring of 2014. Mary covered nearly 20,000 miles around the US, re-visiting some of the country’s prestigious songwriter venues and introducing herself to new cities along the way, including LA’s Hotel Café, which is where I first saw her. This tour continued to Europe in 2015.

Now it is summer and tour time again.  Touring is tough – no matter how dedicated you are and  how much support you have.  You have to be very determined and very talented.  Mary is both and we want to make sure everyone of our listeners across the country has an opportunity to see her live.






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