Matt LeGrand. Good looks and good music

head_shot300sq.jpgChicago-based Matt LeGrand spent his infant years in France before his family relocated to back to the US. He made it a point to learn the Windy Cities many music venues and styles and also how to play a variety of instruments from the guitar to the drums.  He played with songwriting too and quickly fell in love with the craft itself and worked to find a sound all his own after playing in several bands and learning their styles. As he moved out on his own, his good looks and great music  built a fan-base who call themselves The Legrand Girls who tracked his live shows.  How he is stepping into the recording ring, building on that fan base with his debut single, “Spring Break GRL”.

Matt combines the boy wonder style of a Nick Jonas style or Justin Bieber urban feel, but the music he writes and sings is entirely his own.  It is a sound that speaks directly to his fans, broadcasting a mysterious mix of danger and romance that hopefully is impossible to resist  not only for the LeGrand Girls, but for a wider audience.  His journey has not been without his challenges, which is how he can bring depth and intelligence to what is often a light and frothy genre - a kind of  thinking person's pop, man or woman.

Looking forward to talking with him about the journey and the thinking.

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