Michael Harris is funny and talented. I love his shows

HARRIS_SIT_300SQ.jpgMy brother talked me into coming to Genghis Cohen, a Chinese Restaurant in Hollywood with a listening room to hear his friend Michael Harris.  Anything attached to good Chinese food is fine with me so off we went.  Very happy I did.  Michael comes out with a smile from ear to ear and you just know you are going to have fun.  His songs are poetic, melodic, sensitive and emotional, but in a good way.  He tells stories, talks to the audience and keeps things moving, laughing and foot tapping. At one point he asked the audience for 5 phrases -  I won't print what he got, but they were pretty funny.  He then, on the spot,  created a great song that incorporated every word the audience had given him.  He was doing on the fly, crowd-sourced song writing!  It was great and I had to book him on the show.  He is just too much fun.

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