Militia Vox this Friday with NYCTOPHILIA

Militia_NYCTOPHILIA_CoverArtFinalD300sq.jpgMilitia Vox is a powerful, addictive obsession. Her music can take you to the dark side of the moon and then hurl you screaming into the sun.  She scares me, intrigues me, excites me - she does all the things a woman can do and all the things a demon can do and an angel can do. Whether she is the badest-ass woman you ever saw on a motorcycle in her band Judith Priestess, or a stunningly beautiful seductive demon exhaling smoke from the fires of hell from her EP Bait, or a star on stage in the Rocky Horror Show, or a flittering presence in a video that you don't understand but can't stop watching,there is nothing like her. Now she appears on the dark streets of New York and...well tune in Friday and find out because the mystery must be contained until then.

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