Mitre brings his golden voice and his world sound to Music Friday

mitre_300x290jpg.jpgI first saw Mitre at a small club - actually a coffee house with an outdoor stage - in southeast LA singing with my friend the jazz wonder, Irene Diaz.  I was blown away.  Although he sang mostly in Spanish, which I am very rusty on, I knew exactly what the songs were about. He has a tenor that works for rock, ballads,  love songs - a wide range.  The next time I saw him was at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills with a full band and Irene Diaz,  Iñaki Vazquez and other special guests.  "Awesome" is an overused term, but  it applies here.  I could not get enough. Mitre is addictive.

So who is this handsome young man with thick black hair and a golden voice?

Mitre is a Singer, songwriter and producer originally from  Mexico and now living in the USA. His music is a unique blend of tango, pop, traditional Mexican music, rock and recorded street sounds from around the world. His first material was launched in 2010 under the name "Fugitivo" (Fugitive) and was an immediate sensation in latin America and Europe.  He sings in Italian as well as English and Spanish and in 2011 was named Favorite Artist by Italian "Radio FM". The following year he moved to Texas to continue writing and producing at the renowned studio "Sonic Ranch". Mitre's career includes concerts in Europe and Latin America and is now growing in the US with appearances at the  BMI Summer Stage in NY, the LAMC, and the  BMI showcase at the Gibson Español in Beverly Hills Ca.

One of the joys of following Mitre (and I am now following him - you will hear from him a lot on Music FridayLive!) is has ability to attract top talent to sing with him and his generosity in both recording and stage work when they do.  He instinctively understands when to stand out and when to step back when he is joined by guest singers like  Irene Diaz, Mónica Velez, Pedro Dabdoub, Ximena Muñoz, David Garza, Jaime Kohen, Iñaki Vazquez (Moderatto), Yuri Lemeshev (Gogol Bordello), Stefano Vieni, Pambo, Gaby de K, and Kalimba. 

On top of it, he is a very nice guy,  which you will find out first hand when you tune in this Friday.


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