Mockingbird Hill: what C&W sounds like today

cropp_300.jpgCountry Western music, like other genres, is undergoing some pretty fundamental changes.  The emergence of "Bro Country", headlining the C&W fest in Indio California, is just one example.  Country merged with rock some time ago, spinning off its own genre, country rock, but it is now merging with rap, hip hop, blues.  I was fortunate enough to be connected on Twitter  to a C&W band that is leading this evolution, Mockingbird Hill.  

Miranda Joy, front woman for the band, has a voice that can shift from country twang to heartbreaking blue, possibly because she emerged out of a blues project.  Her four bandmates, Will Geiger, David Batts, Jason Lingle and Terry Berkle are blazing a new trail in C&W that will widen the genre's appeal and make a lot of people happy.  They are under contract to CMG records of Nashville so I expect to see much, much more from them.  In the meantime they will join us this Friday with cuts from their new EP.

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