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  • Ozomotli this Friday

    ozo_tour._300sq.jpgWho would have believed in 1995 that almost 20 years later, not only would the Latino fusion band Ozomotli still be kicking it, but that the music world would have almost caught up with them, as we saw at the opening of the Grammys last week?  Latino and Latin and Latino fusion music are now universally popular, and Ozo helped move that revolution and are on top of its wave.



  • Two great women. Two new albums. This Friday.

    nominjin._seated._mic._300s2.jpgWe are back from NAMM and off to a fast start with SISSTER and Nominjin. Tune in.








    We will be attending NAMM, music's biggest convention, which takes over the Anaheim Convention Center Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Broadcasting from NAMM is very difficult (we did it badly one year and decided to skip it from now on) so no show this Friday.  But you can always download shows s podcast from iTunes or from

    We will be posting stories, photos and videos from NAMM every day here and on Music Junkie, IndiePulseMusic, Making the Scene  online magazines, so you can see what all the excitment is about.

  • Country star Alice Wallace this Friday

    Alice_Wallace-credit_Linka_Odum__300qjpg.jpgThis video tells it all



    She embodies the heart and spirit of California.

  • Screamin' Rachael this Friday. Wow

    rachael_cain._queen300.jpgScreamin’ Rachael has been named the “Queen of House Music” by Billboard Magazine. She was the first house artist to sign a major label deal and also launched the Hip House sound when she recorded Fun with Bad Boys with her mentor and friend, Afrika Bambaataa. Born Rachael Cain - Rachael’s collaborations with notable artists including Bambaataa, Marshall Jefferson, Colonel Abrams, Grandmaster Melle Mel and others has resulted in a string of hits such as Real Thing and Rock Me which have made her club royalty. She has been the subject in a number of books, documentaries, and films including The History of House Music, Nightclubbing, The Last Party, Techno Style and the recent Hollywood release Party Monster. And did I mention she is now president of the label that first signed her, TRAX?


  • Alice Wallace this Friday

    This video says it all.  She is pure California and really knows how to tell a powerful story.


  • Matia Gabriel. Amazing music this Friday

    matias_pink_guitar_300.jpgI first saw Matias at a Sin Color concert.  He was opening for the Sin Colorquestra and I was mesmerized by his guitar virtuoso and his range of playing.  So glad to have him on the program.

  • Lisa Bouchelle, new songs Friday

    lisa_b_guitar_case._300.jpgLisa Bouchelle is one of those rare artists that can bring you to tears one moment, and have you laughing out loud the next. Whether performing solo with just an acoustic guitar or backed by her band, her shows always leave the audience coming back for more, which is why she averages over 200 shows a year. Lisa's latest EP, Lipstick Tomboy, is closing in on two million streams on Spotify, and the first single, a playful duet with John Popper called "Only The Tequila Talkin'," is over 1 million streams. It was awarded the “Disc Of The Day” by legendary tastemaker Robert Oermann at MusicRow, was “Highly Recommended” by Goldmine Magazine, was a Top 20 Download on the Daily Play MPE Chart, and a Top Ten pick on the Taxi A&R Service.

  • NEXT SHOW JAN 11, 2019. Happy New Year!

    Music Friday Live team is taking a Christmas vacation and checking out the music scene in Guadalajara.  We will bring back some interesting music and people Jan 11.

  • Trevor Douglas this Friday

    TREAVOR_DOUGLAS_300SQ.jpgI first saw Trevor Douglas at a club in LA on his tour and signed him up on the spot.  The native Texan is talented, funny, tuneful and great to be with and listen to.  Tune in a enjoy him.