Music Friday Blog

  • Trevor Douglas this Friday

    TREAVOR_DOUGLAS_300SQ.jpgI first saw Trevor Douglas at a club in LA on his tour and signed him up on the spot.  The native Texan is talented, funny, tuneful and great to be with and listen to.  Tune in a enjoy him.

  • Lisa Sniderman new book Friday

    Aoede__headshot_300sq.jpgYou know Lisa Sniderman as the multiple award-winning singer/songwriter/producer and theatrical director AOEDE.  She has been on the show twice with her albums and to talk about the many awards she has been given by the music industry.  This time she is back, not as AOEDE, but as Lisa Sniderman, the woman behind the Muse.  Sniderman has struggled throughout much of her musical career with a debilitating and possibly incurable disease. Nevertheless, she has maintained a creative and production schedule that would daunt many healthy artists.  Her book, "A Light in the Darkness" tells us where that strength comes from and how others can find it.  

    This will be our last show of 2018 and I could not think of a better topic.  We will take off for the holidays and return, the second week of January with a new lineup of talent.

  • The Living Roomers this Friday

    living_roomers._300sq.jpgI love brash new bands that have something to say and don't let anything get in their way.  Here is one..the songs are a little rough, but lots of fun.




  • David Messier this Friday

    david_messier_300sq.jpgThe multi-talented, Austin based artist David Messier has just released his sophomore album and we will be playing songs from it. A Trustee of the Recording Academy, Messier, is an esteemed music industry leader, accomplished producer, entrepreneur, singer and songwriter. Austin Chronicle has hailed Messier as an “expanse of talent and ideas” and KUTX said, “Messier is a hurricane force of music.” With all of his successful moments, he likes to live by the ethos that life is always happening in front of you, and doesn’t often look back. So, when it came time to write the forthcoming album, he uncharacteristically and quite unexpectedly, captured his most reflective moments. The new album, Time Bomb, is one of his most honest introspective creations and we are so happy to be able to play it and talk with him.


  • Devin Kennedy joins us Friday

    devin_kennedy_head_bw_300sq.jpgWe will learn about his musical family, his songwriting as a child, and his new music.  An emerging talent joins us.


  • Exclusive interview Maria del Pilar

    maria_del_pilar_300sq.jpgIt took some rescheduling and shuffling of studios and engineers but we have the great Maria del Pilar here for you.  And she's a hoot!! And we have her new music.


  • Sydney Wright joins us.

    sydney_wright._300.jpgSydney Wright will blow you away with her music and her story.  An engineering genius behind the control boards turns out she is a fabulous singer and songwriter.


  • Amada Abiziad this Friday

    amanda_abiziad_300sq.jpgWhen I first saw Amanda at Molly Stone's in LA, I knew I had to have her on the show. And here she is.




  • Niva Soul Diva this Friday

    Great music, greatt story, and lots of style.  We hope she goes to the Grammys.

  • Mad Hawkes this Friday

    md_hawke_sitting_wsith_guys300sq.jpgDance until you drown in sweat, and then rock some more.  Maddie Hawkes, girrrl power rocker, surfer, singer-songwriter and truth teller joins us Friday.