Music Friday Blog

  • Salvador Santana. 10.18.13

     salvador-santana-005-620x413.jpgWhat can I say?  He is one of the greatest emerging talents of our time, son of one of the greatest talents of our time, grandson of two of great musical talents.  Salvador Santana joins us this Friday at 2:30 pm ET.  We will play cuts from his album and you can call in and talk with him.



  • The Bylines. 10.18.13


    The Bylines are with us this week.  Like I said in a blog post last week,  when I first saw The Bylines  at the Witzend, I just had to have them on the show.  The had the room on its feet.  Jazz, blues, broadway, rock - they do it all with sophisticated arrangements and clever lyrics. I only saw the founders,  Marianna Thielen and husband and keyboard artist Reece Marsahburn.  They did not have the whole band with them, but they still filled the room with sounds.  When the whole band plays they bring big-band sounds to modern  pop and can seamlessly transition between rock, blues, jazz, pop,  classical while creating something totally unique, and most of all, fun, sound.  Marianna and Reece join us at Music Friday this week at 11:05 am 

  • Mickey Church of White Arrows. 10.11.13


    Another find by Angeline, she saw White Arrows at a college concert and recruited them ASAP.  The band founder, Mickey Church, who was blind at birth but gained sight later as a child, got his first inspiration from his father, a student of African percussion.  Dad encouraged Mickey and his little brother Henry to pick up instruments as kids, so they played what was around. Mickey eventually took his music to NYU, and graduated with a degree in shamanistic ritual. When you hear what he and the band does, you will know why.  And we are fortunate to have him this Friday at 2:05 pm ET.

  • Chris Ramos and Sonny B. of CRSB. 10.11.13


    Music Friday's intern, Angeline Serrano brought  CRSB and are we glad she did.  They have created a unique island, rap, pop, dance music that has barreled out of San Francisco bay Area on YouTube and been enjoyed by literally millions.  Their music music is cool, addictive and tightly produced.  Plus they can both sign smoothly while they weave their magic with horns and drums and guitars and keyboards.  This will be fun.

  • The Bylines. live, fun music. 10.18.13


    When I first saw the Portland-based The Bylines  at the Witzend, I just had to have them on the show.  They are too good and too much fun to let go.  The group - and I only saw the duo of Marianna Thielen and husband and keyboard artist Reece Marsahburn -  bring big-band sounds to modern  pop and can seamlessly transition between rock, blues, jazz, pop,  classical whjile creating something totally unique, and most of all, fun, sound.  Frontwoman Marianna Thielen, the  face of the group, has a fabulous voice with classical range and and musical theater sensibilities.  Her husband, Reece Marshburn, is a master of  classical, jazz and pop piano, both backing Marianna, and stepping forward with uncanny skill and great joy. Depending on the project , they surround themselves with national level musicians who fill a venue with unique and infinitely enjoyable music. Marianna and Reece join us at Music Friday at  11:05 am 10.18.13.

  • Salvador Santana, Rise Up. 10.18.13


    Sal Santana youngest son of one of our greatest musical families, joins us on the 18th to celebrate his new album, Rise Up. Taking Rap and Hip Hop to a new level - actually, a new form of music - Sal's music brings together superb musicianship with modern beats and great messages.  A keyboard artist, he uses the piano as a percussive instrument while he weaves his voice and that of his music and singers into music you don't want to end. He joins us at 11:30 on 10.18.134 and wse want all of his fans to call in a talk with him about his new album, his tour and his music.


  • Canto at Music Friday.10.4.13


    Canto - three brothers who play their unique rock and roll influenced by the acid rock of the '60's join us at 2:30 pm ET.

  • Dream Aria brings its unique sound to Music Friday. 10.4.13


    DREAM ARIA is in a class all its own with fresh, fiery and haunting music. Is it Rock, Techno, Progressive, Classical, New Age, Goth,  World music? Fronted by the powerful voice of Ann Burstyn, this band creates sounds that hypnotize.  Call in and talk with them, 10.4.13

  • Naomi Greenwald.9.27.13 with new album, Composite


    Naomi joins us with cuts from her new album and stories of evolving her music and producing in LA. Her new album, Composite is a major step forward and a triumph of songwriting, singing and production.  Don't miss this. 11:05 am PT.

  • Jackie Bristow 9.27.13 with new album


    Jackie Bristrow toured sold out shows with Bonnie Raitt and Tommy Emmanuel. Now, as a USA resident, she has released her 5th album, Freedom, a triumph of her soulful voice and visual lyrics. Tune in and call in at 2:30 pm ET this Friday.