Music Friday Blog

  • Polaris Rose. The Moon and its Secrets. 9.13.13


    Dynamic Los Angeles band Polaris Rose bring their vivacious alternative rock sound Music Friday with cuts and conversation re: their sophomore EP "The Moon & its Secrets", ready for release next week. Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse make up Polaris Rose, a band that's dedicated to soaring melodies and pitch perfect harmonies, all built atop alt rock instrumentation that is undeniably electric in nature. Their emotional songwriting and female/male vocal dynamics is unique and we  - you – get to talk with them this Friday.

  • Lots of Love. 9.13.13.


    Jessica Fleischer, known online as Lots of Love, is representative of the emerging talent in Southern California - poised, smooth, confident and with a unique sound all her own.  We will talk with her AT 2:30 pm ET about the album she has just released, It's So Hard.

  • Karen Dezelle with new EP at 2:30 pm ET this Friday. 9.6.13


    Singer-songwriter Karen Dezelle combines honest narratives with soft, soothing vocals, creating a rare quality of vulnerability with wide appeal.  Karen has lived all over the world and it shows in her deft blend
    ing of beats and melodies. Inspired by artists such as Jewel and Joni Mitchell, Karen's brave, emotionally-complex lyrics are offset by a minimalist song structure and sweet, innocent vocals with a hint of Southern twang, creating a unique and moving sound, both calming and exciting. Karen joins us at 2:30 to play songs from her new EP, Lost and Found

  • Irene Diaz at 2:05 pm ET this Friday. 9.6.13

    Irene_dia20z.jpgIrene Diaz at 2:05 pm ET this Friday.  She will be on the air this Friday but I have been listening all week and am dying to hear her live.  Join me if you are in LA.  

  • Blake Collins : A Bell Locks In.

    Blake Collins joins us at 2:30 pm ET this Friday with A Bell Locks In.

  • My Father and The Man In Black, a conversation with Johnatha: 2:05 pm ET

    Hollywood film director Johnathan Holiff joins us for a conversation about his new film, My Father and The Man In Black this Friday.  Holiff's father, Saul, was Johnny Cash's personal manager from the very beginning.  Saul put Johnny and June together, shaped Cash's music and built Cash's career despite drugs and booze and prison and addiction of his own. Johnathan was estranged from his father for 20 years and pushed the memories of Cash aside while he built a career.  But his father's suicide and the release of Walk the Line led to his discovery of his father's secret storage locker, full of years of letters, photos, clippings and audiotapes detailing the most intimate aspects of Cash's tumultuous life.  That storage locker and years of repressed memories were the foundation of one of the most remarkable films about Cash ever made, and one of the year's most mesmerizing documentaries. Holiff joins us at 2:05 pm ET and will take your calls and emails. The film releases Sept. 6, 2013.

  • New Media Festival Director, Susan Johnson, joins us Friday

    The New Media Festival has become the place for indie film makers and musicians to be seen and heard in Los Angeles.  It is whee innovation and creativity happens and draws talent from around the world.  A sort of SXW for SoCal, it is where a lot of new talent is born.  Susan Johnston, the power behind it, will tell us how she puts it together, how it has grown and how you can be part of it

  • Ray Bonneville headlines Music Friday this week.

    The legendary Ray Bonneville brings is deep gravel voice and heartland rock, blues and story telling to Music Friday this Friday.  He is on tour with two stops in Los Angeles, Saturday night at McCabe's in Santa Monica and Sunday night at the Grand Ole Echo in Echo Park.  We will be playing tunes from his album Bad Man's Blood and talking about the songs he has in the works.

  • Joe Gil and Sonnet this week on Music Friday.

    Joe Gil opens tonight at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood with his unique, dreamy tunes from early EP's Leave or Stay and Blankets and new songs for the upcoming album.  We talk with him in Segment 1 and get beneath the very impressive high gloss shine that this young talent brings to the stage and the recording studio. Call in, email in, tweet us.

    In Segment 2 we are joined by the fabulous Sonnet, queen of California pop with songs from her debut album Sonnet.  We will play cuts from the album - which ranges from the heart stopping "Girls" to bounce and pop in "Boys".  Sonnet is a talent on the move. You have heard her songs (and seen her) in commercials including Coca Cola, now you can talk with her on Music Friday this week.

  • Two great talents this Friday: King Washington and Hana Kim

    Two great but very different talents will join us this Friday to play cuts from their new albums - in Hana Kim's case  to preview her new album Exodo - and talk to listeners.  You asked for them and we got them here for you.