Music Friday Blog

  • Jenny Ball - twice this week. Bliss

    jenny_along_trumpet_up300_sq.jpgJenny Ball of Jenny and the Mexicats is our guest live this Friday and I just got done interviewing her on the radio.  How's that you say?  How could I interview her before she is interviewed?  Easy, she was on my other show, MusicaFusionLA - the bilingual English-Spanish show I co-host on Wednesday afternoons ( 1 pm  And that is fortunate because we had an hour to talk with her and learned a whole bunch that will guide the conversation this Friday - such as she moved to Spain and started a band with a Spaniard and two Mexicans without speaking a word of Spanish, and the police tried to stop a fan from singing her lyrics at a how, so they invited him on stage to sing with her.  We will talk about those things and more and play songs from her crackerjack new album Mare Abierto.



  • Top producer and hot new star this week

    I love it when we have a look at the full spectrum of how songs and stars get made.  We start the show with a hot, rising new star who worked up to the finals in The Voice and is now making waves on her own, Lauren Ruth Ward.  In the second half of the show, we talk to Jared Faber, one of LA's top producers for stars like Lauren, plus TV shows and films and his own Latin-Grammy winning music.  Should be a great show! 

  • Friday night, Girls RockLA rocks out with Halo Circus, Los Hollywood, and Stars at Night.

    girls_rock_la_mastercompressed300.jpgThis Friday at the 333Live Club in DTLA, the 7 edition of GirlsRockLA will blow the roof off with Halo Circus, Los Hollywood, Stars at Night and Kanvas. This will be the concert of the year for the Latina-led music community in LA. Don't miss it. 






  • Gayle Skidmore this Friday. Magic, whimsy and pop rock

    gayle_skidmore_300sq.jpgI can't get enough of Gayle Skidmore and her music.  She is a musical shapeshifter who moves easily from humor to pathos to joy, all the while carrying y ou along with infectious rhythmic melodies and an angelic voice. She toys with notes, with instruments (she plays 20 different ones!) with tempo, with mood. It is no wonder that she has a shelf full of awards and is in demand across the country. And all of this flows from a life that has moved through many, many dimensions and adventures.  This will be such a fun interview.



  • The Slants this Friday. Enough said.

    PThe_Slants_funny_300sq.jpgI can hardly wait to talk with this band.  Not only have they named their band to mock a Vietnam-era derogatory name for Asians, they have sued the US Patent Office for not letting them copyright it - and they work with communities across the country that have been as marginalized as they have.  But they are not marginal as far as their music goes; they fill huge venues and set download records.  Their music is impossible not to dance too; their shows blow the roofs off of venues and their stories are fascinating.  Don't miss this interview.


  • Amelia Romano does things with a harp that seem impossible

    amelia_ro9mano_300_sq_w_hard.jpegI love Amelia Romano's music.  It is so much it's own thing - there is nothing like it. Her lyrics are so much fun, the beats are addictive, and the music she makes with a harp is definitely not what you expect.  I mean, a harp is usually over on the far end of a 100-piece orchestra playing for an opera or a ballet or a classical concert.  Not his girl.  Check out the video below and you will know what I mean and then you can listen in this Friday and hear from her how she does it.  


  • Back from Mexico with two great women artists

    We spent last week in Chapala, about 45 min outside of Guadalajara Mexico.  This is winter so the towns - Chapala, San Antonio, Ajijic - were full of mostly Canadian snowbirds escaping winter, plus tourists from the USA, so most of the music was covers of 50's and 60's and 70's American and British rock and standards.  We did listen to some banda, but I was told the real Mexican music comes out in the summer when the towns are full of families from Guadalajara escaping the heat and the Latin music festivals are held along the lake.  Guess we will justa have to go back in the summer!

  • NO SHOW THIS WEEK. We will be in Mexico gathering new music.

    We will be in Mexico gathering music and will not be broadcasting 3.10.17.  We will return 3.17.17 with Vanilla Sugar and Amelia Romano

  • Seth Adam and Drew Southern this Friday. Hot rock and smooth folk

    seth_adams_300_sq.pngGreat combination - or better yet, contrasts. Two young men one starting out and one deep into his career.  You will love them both.

  • Irene Diaz is back with a new band, new songs and the same love

    irene_lead_back_300_sqr_filtered.jpg LA’s Queen of Love Songs, Irene Diaz, came back from touring and recording in Mexico with a new band, a fistful of new songs and a new musical attitude that filled the HiHat club in Highland park with wall-to-wall adoring fans. This was her first performance of the new year; she has been recording in Mexico City with Carla Morrison and producers Jando and Nyote, so there was a pent up demand from fans to see her live back home.  She met that demand by headlining a show at the newly opened and refurbished Hi Hat (formerly Highland Park Billiards) with Cesar Saez and El Haru Kuoi. As is the always the case for an Irene Diaz concert, it was a two-way love fest.

    Sitting center stage in front of her familiar electric piano with her partner and accompanist Carolynn Cardoza on bass and ukulele off to one side and Diaz was flanked by guitarist Greg Gillis and drummer Seung Park. She opened with a very personal greeting -  the same warm, approachable shyness her fans love. But it was obvious from the first notes that she was there with a new confidence. She was home with her adoring fans.

    Instead of launching immediately into a fast tempo favorite, as is the custom with many acts to grab an audience’s attention, Diaz quieted the room with the dreamy “Untitled Love Song”.  Having  mesmerized the audience with her hypnotic voice, she upped the tempo with “You”, bringing in the band – muted in the opening song but ow in full measure. Her voice seemed smoother than last year’s live performances, if that is possible.  Her range also sounded even wider and the songs deeper and more dimensional. .  “Let Me Go”, “Lovers/Friends” and Lost” followed “You”, each with  new twists, rhythms and beats.  The result was not only a crowd-pleaser, but more commercial than her earlier work, a good thing given that her commercial success has not caught up with her enormous talent, critical acclaim and legions of dedicated fans.

    But most of all, Diaz was having fun – lots of it.  Bouncing up and down on the piano bench, flashing her incandescent smile at the audience between verses, kicking back and rocking to guitar solos.  This is the most engaged, most fun loving and most exciting Irene Diaz I have seen in at least a dozen performers.  When she finally gave the audience what they desperately wanted, “Crazy Love”, the cheers rang out.

    New songs like “Push” and “Ghosting Song” wrapped up the night, each a magical blend of her sophisticated writing, heart-piercing singing and the first class playing of the band.  I assume she was road testing these songs for the forthcoming album that she worked on in Mexico City.  If so, she will have commercial hits on her hands.  But that was not top of mind for her. She was making magic and the crowd wanted more – “otra”.  And she gave it to them, with the ultimate crowd-pleasing love song, “Anything for You”, leading them in song in final chorus.  “Anything” pretty well sums up what her fans will do for her, they love her so much.  If the forthcoming debut full-length album is anything like the concert at the Hi Hat, many, many more people will love her.