Music Friday launches on Nation Builder

Well, this is the first step in giving Music Friday its own identity.  Up until now, Music Friday was the Friday show of my 5-day-a-week program to function as a separate program with a separate website, Facebook page, twitter feed etc.   Each week I will interview two bands or artists, and I will reprint the interview one of them in Vents magazine, along with a review of their EP or CD.  We have had a lot of great musicians on the show in the past two years and we will have many more, starting this Friday with two emerging artists, Adam Cullen and Valarie Ponzio.  Music Friday will continue to mix emerging artists with established artists.  The level of talent in the US is so high, that sometimes it is hard to tell the new kids on the block from the long time hit makers, but that is the fun of it.

We will post each weeks artist here, on Facebook and on twitter.  When possible, I will post photos on Instagram from clubs and concerts I go to, and I will invite you to post yours.

As always, you can call in and talk to musicians at 424-675-6806.




This week's emerging talent, Valarie Ponzio (see video) joins the rising star, Adam Cullen.

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