Serena and Frank Palangi up this week

I interview Frank Palangi in Segment 2 Friday on his new EP, I Am Ready.  Frank is up for a LA Music Award and fresh from the Reality Dance Show in Philly PA at TLA club opening for IM5 and a well-received east cost tour, Frank brings unique creativity to rock. Frank is a rapidly emerging artist who is impacating mainstream rock with very personal melodies and riffs and thought provoking lyrics.  Frank has developed a huge east cost following by  speaking to listeners with his lyrics, his mdia outreach and his accessible music.  

First up on Music Friday this Friday is Serena Foster, the quintessential California Girl of song. She is a young singer/songwriter from  Los Angeles from a musical family.  It is no wonder she started singing at age five and began writing music on a guitar at age nine. She has a unique sound and a pop vibe that gives her a tasty and memorable style.   Serena is high energy - constantly writing and experimenting with new sounds and genres on piano and guitar.   

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I love it too. Thanks!
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us too!!
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Serena and Frank Palangi up this week
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