My Father and The Man In Black, a conversation with Johnatha: 2:05 pm ET

Hollywood film director Johnathan Holiff joins us for a conversation about his new film, My Father and The Man In Black this Friday.  Holiff's father, Saul, was Johnny Cash's personal manager from the very beginning.  Saul put Johnny and June together, shaped Cash's music and built Cash's career despite drugs and booze and prison and addiction of his own. Johnathan was estranged from his father for 20 years and pushed the memories of Cash aside while he built a career.  But his father's suicide and the release of Walk the Line led to his discovery of his father's secret storage locker, full of years of letters, photos, clippings and audiotapes detailing the most intimate aspects of Cash's tumultuous life.  That storage locker and years of repressed memories were the foundation of one of the most remarkable films about Cash ever made, and one of the year's most mesmerizing documentaries. Holiff joins us at 2:05 pm ET and will take your calls and emails. The film releases Sept. 6, 2013.

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