Natalie Gelman: a traveling musical powerhouse

Natalie_Gelman_300sq.jpgNatalie Gelman joins us this week, the second time she has been on Music Friday Live!. I have never been able to see her live - schedules never quite crossed - but I intend to even if I have to drive to the next country to do it, which in LA is a very big deal.  Her music has always been addictive, boosted by her stunning natural beauty and right to the point powerful lyrics.  As a solo songwriter, she has picked a tough life, but she does it superbly, singing in major concert halls and subway platforms, where she started. And she has an intelect to match, as she demonstrated in a Ted Talk in Portland.  Her newest release, "The Lion"  and the video that goes with in pulls no punches. Take a look at it at The Lion.  You will see that the lion - or actually the lioness - has been awakened and watch out America.






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