Natalie Gelman. An American success story - and a great musician.

natlie__guitgar_blue_300.jpgI  love success stories, especially when they involve musicians.  I remember riding the subway in Boston when I was in college and seeing the singers with their guitar cases open, filling the echoing platforms with good sound.  I  usually gave them money, if  I had some at the time.  Apparently a lot of people tossed coins and bills into the guitar case of Natalie Gelman as she sang her heart out in the New York  subways, because  she not only made a living, but she worked herself above ground into local venues and eventually to Carnegie Hall. There  is a reason for that.  She writes heart-rendering songs, sings with the voice of a angel, has a stunning stage presence and puts it all together  with her guitar and arrangements.

Call it blues,  call it soul, call it rock;  I call it addictive music. Put on your  earphones, turn on recording software  and listen to the words and music of a superb artist  this Friday, Natalie Gelman.





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