Noctambule 11.22.13

300.jpgI have know Bruce Victor almost a decade - our kids met in the 4th grade.  Severl years ago he formed the Acoustic Vortext, a house concert series to promote and enjoy acoustic music and I agreed to be be chairman.  For five years we met, drank, played and listened to music regularly, enjoying a stream of talented artists come through his living room/cum venue. Along the way I quickly discovered that Bruce was a world class guitar player - the dozen or so guitars hanging on his living room walls was the first hint.  

One of the musicians who played at the Vortex, as we called it, was Marla Fibish.  Bruce was smitten b y her beauty, her art, her smile and we were all smitten by her beauty.  It was no surprise when the invitations to their wedding and CD release party arrived (two separate events).  How, we all get to enjoy their humor, their poetry and their wonderful music.


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