Northwest Soul comes to LA. My Brothers and I

mybrothersandI_coverart_300.jpgThe Portland-based band My Brothers and I are often called “Northwest Soul”  and for good reason.  They do soul, but it feels as well rocks.  It is not quite R&B, not quite pure soul, not quite pop, so Northwest Soul sums it up and also lets us know that something new and important is happening in the land of granola and rain. That new thing is melodic, soulful, and danceable music that blends pop, hip-hop, the blues, Motown, funk and R&B. It is music made by the three brothers and two friends in a quintet initially released a digital EP, Live Sessions and have just released their debut first full-length LP, Don’t Dream Alone. We will play samples when we talk to two of the brother this Friday, Scott and Eric Wurgler.

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