Olivia Penalva joins us with a new single.

Olivia_b_w_300sq.jpgWith an album under her belt, a single that charted top 30 on Canadian radio, and a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for her original track, “Fight For You,” it's safe to say that 15 year old Olivia Penalva has accomplished more than most people twice her age.  A subtle mix of Colbie Caillat and Norah Jones, with a distinct pop twist, she's found a sound that resonated with her listeners. But it is not all pop.  She can put emotion into songs far beyond her age - it is as if she has lived another life and is singing it ut.

 Her first single “Ferris Wheel” off of her new project produced by Brian West, (Nelly Furtado, K’naan, Maroon 5) is a sugary pop, summer anthem, but with some deep undertones.  “Ferris Wheel.” radiates summer vibes, right down to the pulsing beat, Olivia’s bubbly vocals shimmer alongside the flowery synths and breathy harmonies. The feel good, rhythmically focused lyrics build a memory of refreshing moments spent in the sun with friends, as Olivia croons “a California sky filled with red balloons, my best friends in the photobooth, wind in my hair and the radio playing and everyone saying ‘what a beautiful day.’” The young talent brings her bright, carefree personality to this beautiful mix of pop tranquility, while showcasing her unique songwriters’ aesthetic at the very same time.  

I can hardly wait to talk with her Friday - this girl is going places!


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