Palter Ego. 11.1.13

300.jpgIt pays to go out and listen to live music, and not just wait for the CD's and PR packages to come in.  I was a t a club for another musician, one I knew and who was a friend, when this very sophisticated and fun couple took the stage and introduced themselves as PalterEgo.  Jesse Palter, the very talented and very lovely vocalist both backed and joined by the equally talented (but not nearly as lovely) Sam Barsh made me laugh, tap my feet, and feel very happy I came that night. They performed a combination of jazz, blues, rock, Broadway and soul in a totally unique way.   "Instead of just getting on the bandstand and playing tunes off-the-cuff, we have our own unique interpretations of standards and classic songs as well as my original compositions. Working with such accomplished musicians, we are constantly pushing each other to expand outside of the box. This has taken our group to the next level" says Jessie, who  who took Outstanding Jazz Vocalist honors at the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Detroit Music Awards.  The precocious Jesse started singing publicly at age five and learning piano at six. She subsequently studied oboe and trumpet.  She became  a headliner in the Detroit area .

The other half of Palter Ego, Sam Barsh, is the perfect musical match for Jessie's voice. He has been playing music since the age of 4, starting on piano, and expanding to organ, synthesizers, vintage keyboards, and melodica. He built a career in Chicago and then in teh East Coast playing with top name bands like  Boyz II Men, Bobby McFerrin, to name two. From 2003 through 2006, Barsh was a member of the renowned Avishai Cohen Trio. With Cohen, Barsh recorded 3 albums and a live DVD, performed at many of the world's biggest jazz festivals and received much international acclaim.   And he produces, turning out albums for  Jennifer Lee Snowden, Ilana Martin, and Russ Nolan, and individual tracks for a variety of other artists.

Of course I couldn't wait to talk with them after the show to convince them that you would love to hear them.  They are very busy , but we found a day - this Friday at 11:30 am PT.

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