Polaris Rose

bench300.jpgThanks to Sera Roadnight, one of LA's - if not the country's - best music agents, the dynamic twosome Polaris Rose were able to do some last minute scheduling Friday to come on Music FridayLive! to talk about their new EP, Oceansongs.  Let me just say, I love this band.  They were on Music FridayLive! last year when they released their first album, The Moon and Its Secrets and were wonderful guests.  I saw them live at LA's The Virgil club in November and just loved every song.  Madelynn Elyse has developed a bass guitar technique that pushes the instrument forward to parallel the drum and create a unique rich percussion line that is like nothing I have ever heard.  It is doubly remarkable that the bass is not her original instrument, she picked it up relatively late and has become so proficient at it. And it supports Peter Anthony's and her voices perfectly.

The result is alt rock that is simply luminous. It is rich and layered and mesmerizing and haunting and joyful and, melodic and so many things all at once and yet unitary at the same time.  Where lesser talents would produce sound that is confused and off, Peter and Madelynn create a total, integrated sound environment that carries you effortlessly and happily.

I am especially pleased they were able to come on the show with such short notice.  I have had my eye and ears on Oceansongs since it was released and looked for a chance to play samples and talk with them about it. And that chance is this Friday.


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