Polaris Rose returns with new album, new tour

polaris_rose_bench300.jpgI love this band, Polaris Rose.  They have created a  new universe  of alt. rock - or at least I think it is alt rock.  I will have to ask them on the show this Friday because  whatever it is, it is beautiful.  Maddelynn's bass and Peter's guitar work is just  amazing.  They personify the word "awesome".  Actually, she may be one of the best bass players in the rock scene in LA now.  Which is why one of their awards  was ‘LA Artist of the Month’ on LA Deli Magazine. I could listen to their unique, melody-driven rock all night, and I will get the opportunity to see them live this Friday at the famous Hotel Cafe.  But first, we can all talk with them on the show Friday morning.

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