Poopie joins us this Friday: rising young star from Kentucky

POOPIE_SMILE_WALL300.jpgAs you all know, my job and my love is to promote good, young talent.  "Poopie",  aka Faith Emontie Roach from Louisville, Ky. is a 15 year-old high school student who has been singing and entertaining since she was 5 years old and is definitely good, young talent. One of five children, she has  and one of her sisters have lived with their father while they navigated school together and Poopie learned the music business and the art of singing, dancing and entertaining. Best of all, everything she does is geared toward making society better, whether is her involvement in a local organization dedicated to using music to save lives, to her new song demanding an end to violence to her desire to put her music to work for children in need around the world. I discovered her on Reverbnation, where her song, "High School Love" demonstrated that she has the talent, the drive, the coaching and the skill to be a success.  The video nailed it - working with minimal resources, she was able to organize a very well-produced, scored, choreographed video for the song.  The song and the video have become regional hits and I predict good things for the album she is putting together now in the studio.

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