Pullman Standard joins us Friday

Pullman_Standard_300sq.jpgOf course, I could not resist the Los Angeles-based Pullman Standard band.

First of all,  I love listening and interviewing local. But more important,  their new single, "Starting Static.", hooked me.  So I listened to their next song, “Alley Ca” and knew the reason why these four guys have played 600 gigs and blew away the fans at every one. Their sound is large, round and powerful - like the tail of a comet streaking through space. Comprised of Timmy D (Vocals/Guitar), Felipe "FLIP" Ozuna (Guitar/Vocals), and JD Minnick (Bass/Vocals), they've developed a loyal following with their energetic, animated stage performances and unique power-rock style. They've won numerous songwriting competitions, including taking home the prize for San Diego's "Your Song for San Diego" contest and Intel Computers OurStage.com songwriting competition in 2011 and 2013 in the Pop categories.

I didn’t know about the awards or the number of gigs when I first listened.  It was the soaring choruses that grabbed me, along with the intelligent lyrics.  Not quite arena rock, not quite pop, but definitely addictive, they are the kind of band to you listen to, and then listen to again, and then put them in your top playlist and keep listening because each time you hear something different.  At least I did.

For their newest single, they worked out of VYBE studios in Baton Rouge, LA to record with Tai Vu, who produced and engineered the new  track "Starting Static" while they were on their 2015 spring tour.  Best of all , we get to talk with them this Friday.


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