Putting together a show: not so easy this week.

patrick_badge300.jpgPutting the show together this week is an ongoing process.  Usually I have artists booked two weeks or more in advance, but this week was kind of a perfect storm.  The excellent Justin Dzuban confirmed sometime ago for the second segment and we will have a great deal of fun playing songs from his new album, Shakedown".  The always popular and high energy Doña Oxford agreed to move her schedule around so she could drop in for a few minutes at the beginning of the show to invite everyone listening to her birthday party at Brennan's Friday night in Los Angeles. But the first segment was not so easy, and it was made less easy by the holiday, which shortened the time I have to book artists.  Former Thje Voice contestant Lilly Elise, whom I think is one of the most talented  pop singers out there - and whom I have known since she and my daughter were in a fourth grade play and high school musicals together - was scheduled for segment 1.  But as the time got closer we all realized that she is in the studio assembling her first EP and we would have only one song to play Friday - not nearly enough and not a good way to help her promote the EP.  So we decided to hold off until the EP was done and then give it the time and attention I know it will deserve (hint - set up a Google alert and a BandsInTown alert for Lilly Elise).  In the meantime, invites have gone out to bands I know to see if they could squeeze us in on short notice.  So, who will lead off the show Friday:  stay tuned, when I know, you will know.


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